Strategic Technology Consulting

If your business, corporation or even start-up in waiting needs advice, technology consulting or just someone to sanity check your arc, you’ve come to the right place.

With over 20 years of experience across more than a dozen languages, countless projects completed, and an undying love and passion for technology, we are the ones to come to when you need advice, help or even a sounding board.

Our services run the gamut from simple ad hoc tech “check-ups”, all the way to scheduled fractional CTO services, as-needed HR tech consultations/interview help, and everything in between.

Here are a sampling of services we have and continue to offer our clients (due to the sensitive nature of these services, all advice and client identities are confidential and nearly always covered by NDA. These examples were vetted and specifically granted as shareable)

  • A medical technologies startup uses our STC services to do check-ups on their various tech based services. For new ideas and vectors, Techfiend Consulting is a key part of making sure the ideas are scaleable, and work within currently viable technology best practices. 
  • A services and training company uses Techfiend Consulting to build out online based versions of their in-person training. We work with them to determine needs and viability of a variety of technologies, research the technology and help to implement them.
  • A multi-million dollar Sacramento startup uses Techfiend Consulting to analyse and vet code samples from current and potential employees to ensure that it meets strict code standards of safety and quality. We provide this service in over a dozen languages and frameworks, including, Python, PHP, JavaScript and ColdFusion

These are just a handful of the ways businesses leverage our experience and ability to communicate highly technical information in ways business leaders can easily digest and understand. Our services are an efficient and affordable way to add high level technology knowledge to your organization.