Online Stores, Facebook Shops & Marketing Sites

If you have a brick & mortar shop, or even a food truck or pop-up, it can be daunting to get your business online. The “big guys” offer sites that claim to get your there, but offer little to no help navigating their products, and take enormous cuts out of your profit. Forget them!

Techfiend Consulting’s industry standard based shops are custom tailored to your needs and offer a wide variety of methods to get paid. We support local pickup, delivery and a selection of shipping options. Our systems are easy to use, and we help you all the way through the process of getting up, running and selling, and are there to support you when you forget how to do something.


Our shops use customize WordPress installs, locked down securely with multiple firewall products, scanners and login watching applications that ensure your site stays safe and unhacked. Our all-in-one package includes backups, hosting, performance & uptime monitoring and security scans. Best of all, we don’t take a cut of your sales. You pay the setup fee, a monthly hosting/support fee and your standard payment processing fees through the vendor of your choice. The best part? This site is yours. If you choose, we can move it to the host of your choice, wherever you’d like. You’re not renting it.

Facebook Shops

Thinking of getting online using Facebook Shops but not sure where to start? We got you! We will answer all your questions about this newly minted online store method and help get you set up and trained to use it. 

Add-On Shop

Have your own website? NO PROBLEM! We have a solution for that! We’ll get you set up on one of our URLs so you can link from your site to your hosted site. You can choose from a variety of URLs with your shop name right up front. The sites use the same secure, performance-first, easy to use platform as our all-in-one sites, but let you keep your own URL and website.

Maybe you just need a marketing website without a shop attached? We got you covered there too. From inexpensive, easy to use and update sites (again using our industry standard frameworks) to absolutely custom designed and integrated marketing marvels that can do whatever you want them to. The only limits are your budget and time-lines. We will work with you to find the solution that works best for you and your business.