Online Shops
One of our key capabilities is enabling brick & mortar stores to sell their wares online. Using industry standard frameworks, secure PCI compliant carts and payment gateways and designs that communicate their brands professionally to clients, we can quickly get you up and running (and selling!) online.

Custom Application Development
We have extensive experience (over 20 years!) in programming complex, secure and performant applications in a wide variety of languages. We specialize in Adobe ColdFusion based sites, are Certified ColdFusion Specialists & Adobe Certified Professionals in ColdFusion, and are recognized as an official Adobe Development partner. We also have deep ranging professional experience developing in,, PHP, JavaScript (including JQuery), Python and are experts in HTML5 & CSS3. We can design, plan, develop, test and deploy new sites as well as maintain and alter existing applications, no matter their age or state. One of our specialties is moving older ColdFusion applications to new servers running the latest version of the Adobe ColdFusion engine.

Strategic Technology Consulting/Fractional CTO Services
If your company is looking for consulting, advising or even a review of your technology infrastructure, look no further. We’ve helped corporations around the world get a handle not only on their current tech, but to plan for future growth, scaling, security and more. Whether you’re looking for ad hoc advising, help with hiring technical staff (including resume review as well as interviewing), or a more permanent, scheduled series of meetings to keep you on track, we are here for you. One of our clients calls us his technology therapists, and we can’t say we disagree.

Web Site & Application Hosting
Techfiend Consulting does more than just build your sites, we’ll provide a home for them too. We offer some of the best pricing on Professional level ColdFusion hosting out there, including access to Microsoft SQL Server, SSL, email accounts and more. We will also securely host your online shops to insure that you maintain full control over your URLs, code and data.

Call or email us today for a free consultation, and let us help you thrive!

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